Representatives of PWC Russia highly appreciated business model of “Eurodon”

Head of group of companies “Eurodon” Vadim Vaneev conducted an introductory tour on a new meat processing complex as well as acting production facilities.   

-We visited the production and from point of view of quality and technologies – this just a space! We do like this business model and we consider it as perspective. Such projects require large amount of land and water resources. In world there are not many such places, where all these conditions do match with each in an optimal way. Export of products to the market of South East Asia as well as to Arab countries is represented as perspective, but for this to be realized it will be needed to explain to foreign partners in understandable for them language that all the necessary conditions for the production of quality products were really created here, - communicated managing partner of Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Russia Igor Lotakov in frameworks of visit.     

- Next year we will be coming out to a big volume of production of turkey meat- 130 thousand of tonnes of meat per year. Russian market is remaining as a priority one for us, but steadily by small steps we will start to export the products, - emphasized the head of group of companies “Eurodon” Vadim Vaneev. – This can seem strange, but nobody believes that in Russia there are such projects.   

-There are of course the risks as in any other new business. Nobody denies that. But Russian export has two competitive advantages. The first advantage is the geographical place in which we are located. And the second one is what we do not do: we do not sell this quality. If we can explain this, then the success is to come for sure, - added Igor Lotakov.    

Tomorrow, on August 19, the delegation is going to visit poultry facilities of duck complex of company “Donstar” which is located in Millerovo district of Rostov region (company “Donstar” is a part of Group of Companies “Eurodon”).


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