During the meeting head of agricultural holding “Eurodon” Vadim Vaneev presented to Minister his vision and strategy of development of two agrarian branches: turkey and duck.    

The first man who was seen by turkey poults hatched today in new hatchery of agricultural holding “Eurodon” was Minister of Agriculture of Russian Federation, Alexander Tkachyov. Today he looked over the new enterprise and construction sites of agricultural holding– both from inside and from bird’s eye perspective.           

During visit of hatchery, Minister asked with a smile: What is the difference of these poults from broilers?  “The difference is in weight and gregarious instinct”- was an answer. -  If to let them free now, they would run for you. But broilers would do rather another way – they would run in all directions, - added the specialists. - It is notable that these are our own Russian turkey poults born in Rostov region. The eggs are produced by complex “Ursdon” and this is production of parent stock in group “Eurodon”. There is no any other similar complex, neither in South, nor in Russia. Kazakhstan, Belorussia and other countries buy the eggs produced by “Ursdon”.         

- How many eggs do come in per each day? – continued to ask Alexander Tkachyov.  

- One single setting – 64 thousand eggs. Capacity – 17.5 million of eggs per year. The hatchery is located in Ust’Donetsk district of Rostov region, not far from road way M4. Oktyabrskiy rural district is around. On the area of 950 hectares there are acting agrarian poultry complex with volume of production of 45 thousand of tonnes of turkey meat annually (result of 2014) and new complex located: besides hatchery here we have eight farms of parent stock, dozens of poultry farms and a range of other facilities. All this will allow to produce 130 thousand of tonnes in live weight, - communicated Vadim Vaneev. – The project is lively. Its heart is a new slaughter and processing complex, hatchery and feed mill plant. From the very beginning everything was aimed at stage by stage increase of capacities,- described Vadim Vaneev.

Minister was also interested in what kind of meal had been used, what the price for soy was, how impacted the sanctions, which investments were needed for development, what infrastructure was required for such large scale construction, multiplicative effect of the projects in rural area, etc.  

Vadim Vaneev paid attention to the problems with soy bean meal: in order to produce 240 thousand of tonnes of turkey meat one needs 250 thousand of tonnes of soy bean meal. Soy is an expensive product: 500-600 USD per tonne. “And this also does not guarantee that quality of product supplied will be high”- emphasized the head of “Eurodon”. - Under such conditions enterprise has to think about construction of plant on the production and processing of soy”.

-And if new sanctions are imposed, then it will make even more sense,-nodded Minister...  

“Eurodon” is standing out against difficult economic background not only by its high rates of   development, but also that in addition to 6500 specialists who already work for the company, “Eurodon” is recruiting 3000 people more. Highly productive working places require highly professional specialists – that is why company takes upon itself the solution of problem of personnel training for the branch. For example, in 2014 the company established base chair of turkey science in widely known agrarian university DonGAU.  

Having seen scales of Eurodon’s projects, the minister stated that now he in different way perceives the perspectives of branch and destiny of turkey in Russia. – One my friend wanted to do turkey business, - shared Tkachyov with Vadim Vaneev, - but he refused: assessed the situation and understood that it was too hard.          

-We were also persuaded – in beginning of path that nobody would eat here turkey as this bird is very difficult in growing, many technological requirements and so on. But I believe for long time in turkey. Russia needs a healthy product with which it can lead at the world market. We were starting, - Vadim Vaneev reminded, - when in Russia the consumption of turkey was 200 grammes per capita per year. And now Russians consume more than 1 kg. Yes, of course, there are many problems. But taking into account everything what we built and what experience we received – we have one of the strongest teams in the world – for us these are solvable questions. Having own meat processing plant, feed mill and hatchery, the team- we can talk about 10 000 highly productive working places by 2018.           

In the end of meeting there was a briefing held at which head of agricultural holding “Eurodon”, Vadim Vaneev presented to Minister his vision and strategy of the development of two agrarian branches : turkey and duck.