“Eurodon” will unite large turkey breeding enterprises

“Eurodon” Company will start the process of increasing the potential of Russian turkey breeding with the help of National Union of producers and processors of turkey meat. 

Yesterday, at international investment forum “Agrofood market of CIS” which became a central event of the exhibition “Golden autumn”, General Director of “Eurodon”, Vadim Vaneev declared a range of initiative steps aimed at enhancing the positions of turkey meat in Russian market.   

This year “Eurodon” intensified the work of previously established National Union of producers and processors of turkey meat. 

“The Union was registered in 2006 and at that time the market was only starting to develop. Nowadays a need in such union has significantly increased. Main purpose of it is to lobby the interests of the branch. At the present moment, its composition and internal structure are in stage of formation.

- Temporarily I will manage the process personally, later on this function will be delegated”, - said Mr. Vaneev. “Meat of turkey is a perspective product, but many still underestimate its potential”. 

As per words of Mr. Vaneev, the sanctions made it seriously to think about the need of support of Russian producers. 

“It is crucially important to create large agroindustrial holding companies in Russia that will in macro scales provide domestic and global markets with the food. Until we do not get own global companies formed, specializing on the production of food products, it can be hardly possible to talk about country’s competitiveness on a global scale. Annual turnover of “Gazprom”, if I am correct, is about 150 billions of USD, but annual turnover of company “Nestle” amounts to 95 billions of USD. In this respect, difference in size of territories of the states is not comparable”, - emphasized Vadim Vaneev.    

He also mentioned that in Rostov region in a green field two strong poultry complexes already had been created that provide the market with high quality products. At the present moment, the largest turkey breeding project is implemented in Rostov region that will allow company to essentially enhance its positions in the market and create in the country a complex which will be in the list of top five largest enterprises in the world.        

“There is no other company in the world that builds similar large scale projects on increase of production capacity almost up to 100 thousands of tons. After this forum an investment agreement will be signed with the government of the region which will fix the mechanisms of work on the project implemented by us”, - added Vadim Vaneev.  “It will be a vertically integrated complex with closed production cycle, including both feed production and wastes recycling. At the production all the world standards on biosecurity shall be met”.

Later on, at signing of the agreement, deputy governor of Rostov region Vyacheslav Vasilenko confirmed that this has been the largest investment project from the region and there are no any similar livestock projects in Russia for today so far. Products manufactured here will allow to provide consumers with high quality cooled turkey meat and replace imported frozen goods with more qualitative cooled domestic products.