“Eurodon” has increased production capacity

Last year "Eurodon" company strengthened its leading position on Russian market of turkey and successfully increased production volume.

 In the beginning of the year, company have done additional construction of new poultry houses on farms and installed meat processing equipment in the complex.

The company has increased the production volumes 16% comparing to 2011. 39,6 thousand tons of meat were produced 2013 which makes it about 220 grams of meat per each person living in Russia. Around 2,6 millions of birds were slaughtered at the meat-processing complex to make this statistic possible.

Turkey meat consumption in Russia reaches 800 grams per person nowadays. It is much less than in the whole world: Europe is 7 kg, USA - 8 kg and Israel - 16 kg.

“Eurodon” has also expanded the assortment of products under the “Indolina” trade mark. For today, company has more than 170 types of products. Halal types of products are being developed; it already has more than 15 positions. There was a range of special types of products for Christmas time as well. The supply chain touches more than 40 regions of Russia.

At the end of last year, in December the company have launched its first retail chain in Rostov-on-Don, the store is called “Myasnoy gradus”.

“We are planning to increase our production capacities. Last year the credit committee of GC “Vnesheconombank” approved our request on building turkey processing complex with the capacity of 60 thousand tons. As part of our development strategy, we will strengthen the marketing side of the business. One of these case studies is to open our own store in Rostov-on-Don, "- said General Director of "Eurodon" Vadim Vaneev.