“Eurodon” added some turkey

The largest turkey meat producer in Russia has successfully completed the project of increasing capacity.
Eurodon company has fully completed the first growing cycle in new poultry houses that have been built for the production increase of capacity. First batches of birds are already coming to the slaughter house.
The building on existing sites of Novoshakhtinsk has started at the beginning of last autumn. 10 new houses were built, the floor space of packing section increased by 400 square meters, new industrial environment was purchased. The total floor space of the built objects now is 28 800 square meters.
In the middle of October first poults were placed in additional houses. According to the schedule they were moved to rearing farms in November.
The addition of the project will help to increase the project capacity on 4,2 thousand tons of live weight.
The volume of production in 2011 was 33 thousands tons of turkey in live weight. The company`s products under the “Indolina” brand name takes 40% of the corresponding segment of Russian market. Deliveries are made to all major retail distributing facilities of Russia.