The creator of the Russian “poultry brand” “Indolina” got what he has deserved as a strong personality

The solemn ceremony of presentation of “agrarian Oscars”, the national prize named after Peter Stolypin “The Agrarian Elite of Russia-2012” held in Moscow on the 21st of February. Vadim Vaneev, General Director of “Eurodon” was rewarded the prize of Stolypin-2012 in the nomination “The greatest progress in the agricultural production”.
“Eurodon” company is the leading  turkey meat producer of Russian market,-was noted during the ceremony, -The project of turkey meat and hatching eggs production has been successfully implemented in the Rostov region. Over       1,700            job vacancies were created. Thus Eurodon became the largest project of this type implemented over the last  10 y ears.
According to P.A. Stolypin " Russia  is  a country of strong personalities”. This quotation formed the basis of the award founded in 2001. Nowadays this award, in fact, distinguishes the brightest personalities in the agricultural sector. In  2012  we celebrate  1150 years since the establishment of the Russian state and 150 years since the birth of Pyotr Arkadievich Stolypin (celebrated on April 15), so it was decided to highlight in a particular way the contribution of such people into the development of th e industry.
It was underlined that agrarian Russia has made a great breakthrough over the past 5 - 7 years. Not so long ago we had to import alimentary products, and there were people who thought it would last forever. Today Russia supplies grain to about 70 countries over the world, year after year it increases muscles in the processing of agricultural products. This highest standard results were achieved thanks to the innovators of the industry, including those who became this year the winners of the Russian "agricultural Oscar" and the prize of Stolypin -2012.